Unofficial Pokemon Board Game – Intro

I’ve completed another prototype. This is actually a game designed by my oldest son (9 years old) that he created on paper, and I decided to flesh it out for him. The game is a local multi-player game where each player is a Pokemon trainer. As you travel around the board you can have random encounters with wild-pokemon, catch and train them, and eventually test out your skills against a gym. The first player to earn four gym badges wins!

I’ve uploaded a game play video here:

However, unlike my previous projects, I am not comfortable distributing the protoype or final project to the public since they are full of copyrighted materials. If you want your own Pokemon game like this one, you’ll need to actually follow along and make one.

About the Project

Besides wanting to make something for my son, I also wanted a project to experiement with bringing some of the Entity Component System (ECS) architecture I used on Zork over to C# and Unity. I’m happy with it so far, and being able to use a SQLite databse seems like a really nice alternative to some of my previous efforts with Scriptable Objects or a bunch of Prefabs saved as project assets.

I also wanted to show something a little more complete than my previous projects. This is a full-game, covering everything from the title screen to the game-over screen, even including the ability to save and load games. This should be super helpful for anyone who has struggled with putting together the larger overall architecture and getting data from one screen to another etc.

At the time of this post, I am using Unity version 5.5.1. You can download Unity here if you need a copy – its free and you don’t need any paid features to follow along.


This post is really just there to whet your appetite and give you a chance to see what you could end up with if you follow along with my up-coming series. Stay tuned!

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