Tactics RPG Ability Area of Effect

To fully select targets for an ability we need a few more steps. We began with specifying a Range. In this lesson we will implent a variety of Area Of Effect components which are applied based off the selection from the range. In addition, each ability may have multiple “effects” – each of which may specify a unique set of valid targets. I will provide a couple of implementations for these as well, so that we can have a completed targeting selection loop in place.

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Tactics RPG Stat Panel

We’ve been modifying stats for a while now, but it’s not very desirable to have to switch the inspector to debug mode just to see their values. In this lesson, we will go ahead and create a Stat Panel view, which shows an avatar along with his or her name and a few important stats. There will actually be two of these panels, one for the currently active (or selected) unit and a second for the target of an action.

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I am new to blogging (less than a year) and I don’t really have a good way to gauge success, but…

I’ve passed 25,000 views! Whoo hoo! I am very excited and have been having a lot of fun. Thanks everyone for sticking with me and for all the great comments!

I feel like now would be a good time to take a step back and ask how I’m doing. Are you enjoying the tutorials and project idea? Any suggestions for improvement or comments for the future?


Tactics RPG Jobs

In this lesson we will show how to define a variety of jobs and store their data as a project asset. Although we have done this before (with conversation assets), this time we will be creating prefabs programmatically. By choosing prefabs over scriptable objects, we have the ability to take advantage of components such as the features which we introduced in the previous lesson.

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Tactics RPG Items and Equipment

Now that we have stats, we will need new ways to modify them. Of course one way is through leveling up your character, but a potentially more fun way is by items. Equiping a sword which is not only cool looking but provides a great bonus to your ATK (attack) stat can be very rewarding. Likewise, when you are damaged in battle a health potion might be in order to boost your HP (hit points) stat. In this lesson we will examine a few ways to create items, both consumable and equippable, as well as how to manage your equipment.

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