Better than events

I’ve received some feedback regarding using event-based architecture in my recent post on my Tactics RPG State Machine. The concern is that because events cause extra memory allocations it could have an affect on performance. I’ve used events heavily in every project I’ve worked on and to date have never observed a performance problem on their account. Still, I was curious to run some tests and see just how bad it might be.

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Social Scripting Part 2

In Part 1 of this series we discussed several means by which Unity allows you to get your scripts talking back and forth between each other. That included direct references, their legacy and new message system, and their new event system as well.

In this post we will examine the options available to you as a language feature of C#, just in case you don’t want to rely on the options Unity provided. Although their event system is quite powerful and easy to use, keeping your events native will allow your code to be more easily reused in other projects or ported to other engines. I consider this part of the series intermediate level, and will expect you to have a working knowledge of C#. Continue reading