I am new to blogging (less than a year) and I don’t really have a good way to gauge success, but…

I’ve passed 25,000 views! Whoo hoo! I am very excited and have been having a lot of fun. Thanks everyone for sticking with me and for all the great comments!

I feel like now would be a good time to take a step back and ask how I’m doing. Are you enjoying the tutorials and project idea? Any suggestions for improvement or comments for the future?


7 thoughts on “25,000

  1. You are doing great- This is one of my favorite tutorials running right now. You do a good job of explaining fairly advanced concepts in a way that has allowed me to implement them into my other projects. Please keep up the great work!

  2. Congratulations !!! Your work is excellent and by far the most complete on this subject (the project). Particularly, I would ask that when you include a small demo video of a few minutes discussing the operation. Sometimes I really difficult to follow the thread of the script.

    1. Thanks everyone. I have thought of doing videos, but I may be thinking about it for a while longer. 😉 Admittedly videos are nice – especially for watching someone go through the Unity IDE etc, but I find talking while working difficult and I don’t like listening to recordings of my own voice. Still, I will keep it in mind for future projects, especially ones which are as heavy on the IDE as they are the code.

  3. You’ve done a great job.Your tutorials are all useful.I benefit form these super wonderful lessons.Thank you for your contribution.

  4. I’ve been learning game development with google as my classroom. With no experience, the hardest part has been learning what it is that I need to learn, or if I have an idea of what, I still don’t know what to call it so I can find it. In my journeys through the web I keep coming across your blog and it has been an amazing resource for topics that are far from easy for me to find. While I have learned a thing or two from you along my way, I’ve only recently realized the value of what you have selflessly offered here. The more I learn, the more I realize that I don’t know and I just wanted to thank you. The hardest part has become far easier with your help and so have many of the others.

    1. I love getting heart felt comments from gracious readers! I am super glad to help a hard working independent learner like yourself. I learned the same way 🙂

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