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I’ve been asking around to gauge interest and reader capability levels.  A good number of people want more beginner level material, but others want expert level training.  I want to make everyone happy, haha, good luck on that right 🙂

My plan at the moment is to do a three part (four if you include this introduction) blog on the options available to a developer for communication between objects and scripts.

Part 1 will be the beginner level content and will focus on the options Unity has built in, with its SendMessage and BroadcastMessage etc functions available to MonoBehaviour based scripts.  I will speak about how it works and the pros and cons of its use.

Part 2 will be more midlevel content and will focus on the options built in to C# such as delegates and events in particular.  I will speak about how to use them and some of the architectural concerns to consider when using them within Unity.

Part 3 will be content for the pros.  We will build a custom notification center that attempts to combine the best features of the earlier two options.  However, I will try to make sure that the material provided is able to also be used by the beginners where possible, because I will probably be using this script all over the place in future posts.

2 thoughts on “Social Scripting

  1. This seems like a great start to a valuable resource. I tend to have interest in the more intermediate to advanced stuff as the flood of beginner level content seems perpetual an everywhere. There are far fewer resource sites that focus on beyond “This is a sprite”. But That’s just one fella’s take. Good luck and looking forward to your work on this site.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, and I am sincerely pleased you find the content here valuable! I’m also glad to see that there is a desire for more advanced material, because that will be the most fun to prepare.

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